Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love Boards

I had found online a few different ways to let your kids know you love them and why.  I had always wanted to try one of these things but of course never got around to it.  This year I'm making the effort to do actually do some of these things.
I found these cheap frames at IKEA and used some DSP from Stampin' Up! to print out the "Caleb I love you because" on.

This wasn't really my first choice of paper (or as boyish as I wanted) but it matches the colours in my kitchen/family room.  I then added a wooden airplane and some brads (I just took off the wings of the brad) using double sided tape.  We'll see how long it holds.

Using a wet erase marker I'll write on the plexiglass inside the frames what I love about my boys.  Jacob has the same frame as Caleb.  Heaven forbid they have something different!  I'm going to hang them beside the table in my kitchen low enough so the boys can see and read what they have to say!  The boys are super excited about their frames.  They love the idea and can't wait for Daddy to hang them up!

This is an easy way to let my boys how much I love them and what exactly it is I love about them.  Especially when they do something nice for one another or for their Dad or I.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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