Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

Christmas is fast approaching. This afternoon I put the finishing touches on my Christmas card tops (they still need to be attached to the actual cards) and was quite proud of myself! I have purchased a few gifts already and feel a bit more organized than last year!

If you're like me, you like to receive gifts that you REALLY want for Christmas. I love getting card making or scrapbooking supplies. I usually have a list of items that I don't want to buy myself but would love to find under the tree.

If you have browsed through a copy of the Stampin' Up! catalogue or the Holiday Mini and think there are a few things in there that make your heart beat faster, jot them down and send them to me. I can work with you to create your perfect holiday wish list.

Things I need to know:
  • Your name
  • Item (s) and item codes
  • Circulation List (who you want the list sent to)
  • Special dates you want the list to be circulated for

It's quite simple and really - aren't card making supplies the gift that keeps on giving??!!!!

Wish Lists need to be submitted to me by October 31st so that I can ensure all orders arrive in time for the holidays.

Please send wish list information to:

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