Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wish lists

Everybody has wish they want, places they want to go, things they want their husbands to do around the house! Do you have a wish list of fun card-making or scrapbooking supplies? I do and it's long! Would you like to create a wish list that could be e-mailed out to your friends or family so that you got what your really wanted for Christmas or your birthday? Well, I can help you out. If you have gone through the Stampin' Up catalogue and found treasures that make your heart go pitter patter, I would love to create a wish list for you.
What do I need you to do? First, create the list of fun products and accessories (include the product name and item #) then e-mail me that list along with the names and e-mail addresses of those who you would like me to contact. If you would like to receive supplies for events other than Christmas I need a list of those dates (ex. birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day). I will compile your list and send it out for you. Presto - you get what you really love for your birthday and Christmas! How simple...and what guy doesn't like simple shopping?
Let's get started! Send your wish list to me at:

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