Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These are a Few of my Favourite Things!

Everyone has a list of their favourtite things. Oprah has her list and people love her "Favourite Things" show. I have a list of my favourite things as well! Each week I'll introduce you to one of my favourite things! This week I'll let you in on my ribbon fixation! It could be more of an obsession actually. I must say that I adore the Stampin' Up ribbon - all of it! My favourites by far are the polka dot grosgrain in the new "In Colours" and the taffeta ribbon (in chocolate chip and basic grey). The great thing about Stampin' Up ribbon is that it comes in a variety of different styles and colours, you get tons on the spool and it ties wonderfully (your knots actually stay tied).

Another great thing about ribbon is that it's easy to share! I run a "Ribbon Share" program where you can find 3-5 friends, each buy one spool or ribbon and split your ribbon with each of your friends. It's an economical way to get your hands on 3 meters of 5 different kinds of ribbon!

Happy Wedding card creating using Basic Grey Taffeta Ribbon.

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