Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monthly Card Kits

I've decided to try something new starting August/September. I know a lot of people are interested in making cards and want to try their hand at it but are a little nervous and don't know where to start.

Starting mid-August I'll be announcing the first of my monthly card kits. Each kit will contain the material to create 4 cards. The materials will be pre-cut and scored and all that you will need to do is adhere them together and decorate.

Some cards will have stamped images or have used punches. You will have the option to purchase the stamps, ink and punches if you wish or use your own.

The options for purchase (cost will vary depending on the card) will be:
#1: E-mail instructions
#2: Supplies Only (no stamps, ink or punches)
#3: Supplies + Stamps/ink
#4: I want it all (supplies, stamps, ink and punches)

All prices will include shipping within Canada.

The first card set will be posted mid-August. All orders must be received by August 31st. The order for supplies will go in September 1st. Once I have received the supplies I will make up the kits and send them out.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great Idea! Can`t get much easier than this. I`ll now be able to send out some special cards and have no need to go to the store to find a so-so card!

    Order coming soon!

  2. Great Idea! Can't wait to see the first class design!