Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Club

Introducing the Birthday Club!

What is it? A super easy way to purchase handmade cards at a reduced price!

How does it work? Simply pre-purchase 10 cards ($3 each) and and send me the dates for when you need them and a few weeks before you'll receive a reminder e-mail and then shortly thereafter the card in the mail! How easy is that? No going to Hallmark and staring at rows of cards ever again!

Bonus: If you need more then 10 cards they're also $3 each. Any additional cards needed during the year (babies, weddings etc) are also $3 each!

Another incentive: If you sign up and recommend a friend who signs up, you'll receive three cards for free!

What more could you want?
E-mail me at ladybugdesigns1@gmail.com to sign up!

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